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Total Final Fantasy IX©

Final Fantasy IX is set in a world called Gaia with many ruling nations. Zidane Tribal the main character story is from the kingdom of Lindblum, a peaceful nation with a leader named Cid. Cid hires a group of bandits, called Tantalus to kidnap Princess Garnet of the neighboring kingdom, Alexandria, after Queen Brahne began attacking near by villages. Cid's intent was to capture the princess in hopes of finding out the Queen's plans, but Princess Garnet, realizing that her mother is acting strangely, joins Zidane's group on her own free will, along with Steiner, her over protective body guard. The Queen of Alexandria retaliates by sending an army of black mages after the group, at which time Vivi Ornitier (a small friendly Black Mage) starts fighting alongside the characters as an innocent wizard caught in the crossfire of the battle.