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Who the hell are these guys? They look like jesters, and they seem to be trouble makers. After telling the queen about the Princess's little stroll , Steiner and Beatrix are sent to look for her. Those two are abit competitive.

You will now be in control of Captain Steiner, he is captain of the Pluto Knights. They don't seem to be very organised, infact they look like a bit of a joke. Follow the knights into the changing room then kick them into shape, then take a look at the register on the wall. Talk to Mosh in the bottom corner before you leave. Read the letter with him , so something amazing happens if you jump the rope lots of times?! What could it be? Save your game then grab the pheonix down from the corner of the room. Now you have to figure out where the Princess has gone, go up stairs and ask the guards. Pc plod and the blood-sucking ticks more like - they will be smiling on the other side of their faces when you find the Princess.

Go out side and talk to the Queen, (shes the fat one), she will give you a silk shirt, equip it then go into the main hallway. Check out the side-rooms and go into the kitchen, that thing certainly qualified to be head chef - must have eaten a lot of pies! Nobody seems to know where the Princess is. She must be outside somewhere. Get the Lazy soldier up off his ass, this is no time to be gazing at your relection!! After reaching a few dead ends you will end up at a spiral stair case. It's lucky that worked out - theres no way you would have been able to reach the top otherwise. Hey here she is, but shes being hassled by some young scallywag! What the!! The cut scene involves the princess falling but she grabs the rope, then Steiner reacts, then Zidane decides to jump but with style!!

  The Escape


You will now be aboard the Prima Vista. Chase the Princess inside, Ruby will get in your way, something tells you that she has got the hots for Zidane! Geez the love triangles are gonna get annoying. Finally you will be alone with the Princess, it turns out that shes actually want you to kidnap her, if only she told him that in then first place!! Enough talking, the Captain will be here soon and you need a plan, thnakfully Cinna has it all sorted. Steiner is right behind you but dont worry, that knight has got some weired clothes on, he looks an awful lot like Blank....

The secret hatch leads down into the Engine room, turn the valve on the generator to the left, and then to the right. Each time the vibrations will shake lose a treasure chest. Go down the steps and grab the pheonix down and pinion then run into the next room. Somehow Steiner has managed to find a shortcut, maybe hes not completly stupid?? Nevermind he wont stand a chance against all three of you. Before you attack him use Zidane's detect skill to see what he has on him, steal the silk shirt and leather cap from him then just pummel him! Steiner gets desperate and tries to use a Sword art move, but all he does is free the Oglops.

The Tantalus crew sure are good actors, better then most film stars, the audience is captivated, but that doesn't matter beacuse Vivi is about to ruin the whole thing. The Pluto knights chase him on stage, where he gets scared and uses magic. The hooded girls identity is revealed, now you've got problems! Concentrate all your attacks on Steiner, steiner will soon fall and the knights will run off home. Now for the real problem...the castle defences. After the explosion on the ship, it loses power and crashes.

  The Evil Forest


The Princess, Steiner and Vivi are missing. They must hav got thrown off, which means they could be anywhere.Talk to Mosco the Moogle to learn about ATEs (Active time events).The Princess is in trouble, you better go find her, find the phoenix down behind the conductor and sort your equipment out. Along the trail you will encounter Goblins and fangs, but not to worry they are very easy. You will come across the missing Trio in the next area, Vivi is scared, Steiner is facing a weird monster and Garnet is trapped in the creature. During this battle Zidane gets Trance, use it all up, and continue to pummel the creature. When it retreats, it returns shortly and captures Vivi this time, Steal items from it then just attack it. When its dead it excretes a sleep powder which puts Vivi and Steiner to sleep.

Baku wont let Zidane go look for Garnet, so what can he do? Firstly take the Bronze Gloves from then chest, then go out to the stairway and you will hav 3 ATE's. Go down the stairs and pick up the wrist from the chest. Then talk to Blank, it seems that Vivi is recovering, so lets go see him.Collect the Ether from the chest in his room and the GIl from the bunk bed.

Zidane starts thinking about the Princess, he can't leave her out there! Blank suggests talking to the boss again, collect the Ether from the chest next door then search the room at the bottom of the stairs for a Rubber helm, then go into the meeting room. There's a potion in here, talk to Baku and he will challenge you to a fight, so go back outside and roll your sleeves up to administer a kicking. Baku is carrying a Hi-potion and a Iron sword, you may find it hard to get the sword, so keep attacking him til he gets bored. After the fight go through the door at the bottom of the screen and collect the Leather Hat. Now go talk to Steiner, after some convincing he agrees to come, collect the Ether from his room and then make your way to Vivi's room.

Now equip your party with newly found and stollen weapons, give Steiner the Bronze Gloves and Vivi the Wrist and Silk shirt. Now Vivi can use thunder spells, if you go back into Vivi's room you can rest before you leave. Now leave and on the way out Blank will give you Blank's Medicine and a note from Baku before you go.Cinna will be waiting outside where you may want to buy some recovery items from him. Then Save your game with Mosco, he has a letter for you from Ruby. Now make your way to where you killed Prison Cage, there will be a couple of ATE's along the way, when you get to the Grassy knoll, head left and look at the water fall, it will restore MP and HP for you. Monty is hiding in the tree trunk, so save your game as there is a boss coming up. Now go to the path on the right along here you will meet a new enemy but they are fairly easy. Then keep going till you meet Plant Brain which has the Princess.

Boss: Plant Brain

With the Princess free, Zidane gives her Blank's medicine but there's more bad news, it seems all the forest is after you, so make a run for it, and equip the guys. Now you can fight Plant spiders if you want or make a run for it. After a few screens it will go into a FMV of the forest chasing you.

Blank and the rest of Tantalus have been lost in the forest, there's nothing to do but to keep going and find the supersoft to cure them. In the morning Monty will come out of the forest, now in an ATE you can learn many tips on the game. Monty will give you the Moogle flute, you can use it at any time on the world map to save or use a Tent (just Press SQ) etc. Dont call them for no reason otherwise the get very annoyed (its quite funny though). At this point you should aquip Garnet with the Wrist, the Leather Hat and the Silk Shirt. Now you can explore the plains for a while and level up, or head straight to the Ice Cavern, you wont be coming back for a while so I suggest explaoring for a bit. Vivi seems to think the Ice Cavern will take you out of the mist, its best if you move on before Steiner has another Benny.

  Ice Cavern


There is a chest in the first room, press X in front of the step to get it. As it's and Ice Cavern all the enemies are vunerable to Fire attacks, so use Vivi's fire spell and Fire Sword with Steiner. Go into the second area, examine the area on the top of the steps on the right. It looks like theres something behind the ice, Vivi should be able to break through it with his magic. Grab the Ether from behind the ice, go over to the steps in the centre of the room, there's a hidden path just to the right, which will take you to the chest on the left hand side, grab the potion and go into the next room. Follow the left hand path until the exclamation mark appears, Vivi can use magic to uncover and Elixer. Go to the right-hand side of the cave Zidane can climb the log to get a Potion. Then get Vivi to melt the ice around the base of the log to get the crate below which contains a Mage Masher.....great. Head on up to the next area, theres a chest on your right, follow the left hand path and ask Vivi to work his magic once more, theres a Leather Wrist at the end of the path. Give it to Zidane so he can learn Beast killer. Go into the next area and take the left-hand path to come into a room with a stone alter covered in Ice, get Vivi to do the usual. Inside is a very ungrateful rude Moogle, take the letter and save. Now go back and take the right path to come outside, where everyone except Zidane passes out. Now heal and equip yourself up, and head to the top of the screen into the next area to find another boss awaiting.

Boss: Black Waltz and Sealion.

After checking up on the gang, give Zidane the mythril dagger as he can learn a new ability. Head back to the Boss area and climb up the slopes. Now Dagger decides to Change her name for the sake of not being caught whilst crossing the border. Continue down the path, and you will come out on the world map, Nolirch Heights, go to the forest to fight a friendly enemy, or level up with enemies. Now go to the Village near the forest.

  Dali Village


Go into the inn and rest up in your room, when you wake up you'll fine everyone gone. Search the room for items, then leave and talk to the moogle, Save your game and give him the letter. In the ATE Vivi seems to be having trouble with the locals, why are they so scared of him? In the second ATE Dagger tries to blend in with the locals, hmm shes not quite there yet. Go outside for the third ATE. Something dodgy is going on in this town, where are all the adults? It's nice to have some spare time so go and buy some things at the shop opposite the Inn. The shop keeper is really into cards so this is a great chance to get some new ones












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