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World Map

Click on the numbers on the map to see a screenshot or on the names at the bottom.

1.Chocobo's Paradise 15.Ipsen's Heritage 29.Windmill
2.Fire Shrine 16.Qu's Marsh 30.Wind Shrine
3.Mognet central 17.Water Shrine 31.Bohden Gate
4.Madain Safari 18. Chocobo's Sky Garden 32.Qu's Marsh
5.Esto Gaza 19.Alexandria Port 33.Qu's Marsh
6.Mountain Path 20.Burmecia 34.Chcobo forest
7.Desert Empress 21.Alexandria 35.Treno
8.Portal to Terra 22.Oeilvert 36.Quan's Dwelling
9.Lifa Tree 23.Clerya 37.Daguerreo
10.Qu's Marsh 24.North Gate 38.Water Way
11.Conde petie 25.Evil Forest 39.Chocobo's Lagoon
12.Earth Shrine 26.Gizamaluke's Grotto 40.Lindblum Port
13.Black Mage Village 27.Ice Caverns 41.Lindblum
14.Fossil Roo 28.Dali Village 42.Pinnacle Rocks

Click here for a chocograph map

Coming soon full interactive world map