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Black Waltz 1 & Sealion
  Black Waltz

Hp : 250

To Steal : Remedy, Silk shirt.

Attacks : Fire, Blizzard.

  Sea Lion

Hp : 600

To Steal : Mythril Dagger, Ether.

Attacks : Wing, Tsunami, Blizzard and Blizzara.

  The Strategy.

This is the guy causing all the problems! Time for a littl sweet revenge!! Ignore the sealion for the moment, and concentrate on the Black Waltz. He only has 2 attack, both of which are pretty crap. So steal and pummel!

Now its just the Sealion (looks like Leviathan), If you get trance Tidal Flameshould kill it straight away, otherwise just attack a couple of times, then cure, then repeat this until hes dead. Bring on no. 2 and 3 !!!

Items Won : Pheonix Down, Hi -potion.