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You start the game as a young boy called Zidane. You're on a ship run by a renegadegroup of thieves, called Tantalus.The room is pitch black; before you light the candle, pick up themoney in the top left corner. Then go to the centre of the room and light the candle. Seeing the light a group of people will enter the room. Thankfully they're your mates. After the conversation, a big man with a mask will run into the room and challenge you to a fight. This doesn't count as a proper fight, so steal the Mage masher from him and attack until his mask falls off. It turns out he is the boss, Baku! He'll challenge you when he thinks your slacking off. The reason he's here is to hold a meeting for the next job. It turns out that you have been hired to kidnap the beautiful Princess Garnet, you are under the guise of a group of travelling performers. It's Zidane and Blanks job to kidnap the Princess, while the others perform the play for the queen. A cut-scene will show you the Tantalus ship arriving in Alexander.

You will now find yourself in control of a clumsy little Mage who has just arrived in town. It's a big town for a little kid and he's understandably awe-struck. A little girl runs into him, wha'ts everyone is in such a rush. The little girl apologises and spots that you have dropped something. It's a ticket, but what for? She rushes off, nevermind there will be someone around to tell you. Turn around and head back, you will come into an area with a statue, and all around the outside are some playing cards. Go back into the previous alleyway, and into a house on the right, to find many items.Leave the house and continue up the street, on your left is a potion. Go through the archway to see some nobles being escorted. Go into the Tavern, they wont tell you either what's going on. In the bottom-left corner is a Flan card, and there is 27 gil in the little alcove on the left. Go outside, talk to the hippaul, and next to him in the grass is a Goblin card. People should really be careful with they're possessions! Walk up a bit and on your left is a man in a doorway. The ticket is for the show. You need to get it stamped before being allowed in. Walk to your right and read the sign saying "Dougs item shop", you don't really need anything just yet so don't waste your well found money. Head up to the town centre to find the ticket both right in the middle.Talk to the man at the booth and ask him whats being shown today, he will tell you that it's "I want to be your canary" sounds good! Keep asking the choices until he runs out then, he will tell you that it's a fake! He feels sorry for you and gives you 3 cards. He then tells you to visit alleyway Jack to find out how to play Tetra master, the card game. Walk around here for a bit finding a few items, you can play a mini game with the girls and their skipping rope if you really want.

Now its time to go find alleyway Jack, go down the alley next to the girls, after the sign maker has finished being an arse, a litte rat kid will come and talk to you. He makes a proposition for you, accept it. Hang round for a bit, and a man will come down the alley, maybe its Jack? Talk to him, he'll mug you! Now the real Jack will come down, he will teach you all the rules. Go back to the alley you were just in, follow him round, but go in some of the houses to find items. Go into the steeple, there is a tent and a potion in this room first, then as you try to climb the ladder Kupo will drop in, and Stiltzkin will trod in to. Talk to him and select the Mognet option, to learn about it.Save your game then climb the ladder to the rooftops. Use The ladders to get across the roofs. Follow the rat-kid accros the rooves until you get to the castle walls, here you will get to name Vivi. Now for the fireworks.

Now its time to nab the Princess, your first job is to get the audience on their feet and you will have a special effects battle to do this with. Just keep using the sfx command that will do it. After that, attack Baku and his sidekicks. Now it's time to really show of your sword skills, use the d-pad to swipe, block, duck and flip. Press the relevant buttons as they come up. The more impressive you look the more money you recieve so feel free to do it again.

Now Zidane needs to get down to the buisiness at hand. Remember the Mage masher you stole from Baku, now its time to equip it. You have to be careful as Alexandrian guards are patrolling the Castle grounds. As you run up the stairs you will bump into a girl wearing a hooded coat, take a look at her face, before she can say anything she's off, beating you in the process.Infact that was actually Princess Garnet!!

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