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Blue Magic
Spell MP Effect
Goblin Punch 4 Causes non-elemental damage to enemy
Lvl 5 Death 20 KOís all enemies whose Levels are multiples of 5
Lvl 4 Holy 22 Causes Holy damage to enemies whose Levels are multiples of 4
Lvl 3 Def-less 12 Reduces defense of enemies whose Levels are multiples of 3
Doom 12 Targetís life ends after a 10 count
Roulette 18 Randomly KOís a target
Aqua Breath 14 Causes Water damage to all enemies
Mighty Guard 64 Casts Shell and Protect on all members
Matra Magic 8 Reduces Enemies to 1 MP
Bad Breath 16 Inflicts Blind, Slow and Poison
Limit Glove 10 Non-Elemental damage when your HP is 1
1000 Needles 8 Launches 1000 cactus needles at the opponent
Pumpkin Head 12 Causes damage between your current HP and max. HP
Night 14 Casts sleep on Everyone
Twister 22 Wind damage to all enemies
Earth shake 20 Earthquake attack
Angel's Snack 4 Gives Remedy to all members
Frog Drop 10 Damage depends on the no. of frogs you have caught
White Wind 14 Restores some HP to entire party
Goblin Punch 8 Non-Elemental damage
Vanish 8 Invunerable to physical attacks
Frost 8 Causes Freeze
Mustard Bomb 10 Causes Heat
Magic Hammer 2 Drains MP from enemy
Auto-Life 14 Automatically uses Life when knocked out.